Learning makes us think about the way we do things.

I have often struggled with being able to identify the value of classes like history, theology, – science classes like anatomy and physiology and for the non-math person — everything math.

It wasn’t until I was well into middle age and had bee around many adult learners that I was able to see the value.

Math helps us learn how to think logically

Science classes give us a chance to see how and why things work.

History shows us what others have done impacts what we may do.

There are other examples.  Art shows us the depth of physical creativity, music lets us see the passion of life, and philosophy offers a true sense of the ‘why’ in our lives.

In my world, learning focuses on adults.  And learning for adults gives each one a chance to think about the way they do things.

There is no greater result from learning.


About Gary Stocker
Since 2004, I have developed more than a dozen academic partnership programs with 7 different universities. I have developed the web site: www.collegecohorts.com to share the tips, systems, and processes that were used. Theses partnerships include certificate, degree-building, degree programs for a major midwestern health care system. Examples of the academic partnerships include, MBA, MHA, RN to BSN, MSN, Allied Health, and Nurse Case Manager.

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