Your Chamber of Commerce Can Start a Learning Cohort with a Local College or University.

If you are a member in any Chamber of Commerce, take a look at the college and university learning options you may be able to offer to your membership through a local college or university.

General Business College Cohort Programs

Designing Degree and Certificate Programs Design custom learning programs.  If your communities have a new or developing opportunity for new business(es), you can design custom certificate and other learning programs.

Learning Launch: 3-5 courses designed for your members who are not quite ready for typical college course work.

Custom GenEds:  Develop a pre-schedued set of undergraduate general education courses for your members.  These typically provide the standard courses needed for a variety of degrees.  These courses and their schedule can be selected and pre-scheduled by your chamber and its college or university academic partner.

Custom Degrees:  Develop a pre-scheduled set of undergraduate and graduate degree programs for your members.

Mini-MBA:  Design a 12-18 week program where your members are given basic exposure to MBA topics.  The ‘Mini’ concept can be applied to other content areas that benefit membership as well.

Business Informatics:  Design a custom course or set of courses for your organization that focus on the tools of data collection and analysis.

MBA:  Create an MBA (or any other graduate degree) program exclusively for your chamber members.  Leverage the value of learning for your organization while also creating workplace relationships that can help move your business(es) forward.  This can also be done as a consortium of chambers of commerce coming together to work with local academic partners.

Click here for more information.

Here is another blog story on companies and communities driving the change in adult learning.

Quick Poll:  Which of the programs listed above would you like to offer to your membership?


About Gary Stocker
Since 2004, I have developed more than a dozen academic partnership programs with 7 different universities. I have developed the web site: to share the tips, systems, and processes that were used. Theses partnerships include certificate, degree-building, degree programs for a major midwestern health care system. Examples of the academic partnerships include, MBA, MHA, RN to BSN, MSN, Allied Health, and Nurse Case Manager.

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